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The target is to give voice to your ideas with professionalism gained in thirty years of experience.
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The target is to give voice to your ideas
with professionalism gained in
thirty years experience.


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Through my professional home studio, I record and send my voice to radio, television, advertising agencies, multimedia publishers, production and post-production studios, Italian and foreign production houses, webmasters. My thirty-year experience in recording as a speaker of radio and telecommunications advertising, audiovisuals, cd-roms, documentaries, editorials, training courses, voice over, corporate videos, answering machines, audio books, narrative is at your disposal and at really affordable costs. They are available for part-casting or calls with Skype, WhatsApp or SourceConnectNow. If you want to order the speaker, go immediately to the section"Contacts".


The file delivery takes place with
e-mail or your FTP in 24/36 hours max
and in the required format.


In this section you can listen to the productions made in my home studio. GO

Fabio Farinelli, garanzia, Demo Audio, Voice Talent


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Audio is recorded with TLM 170 R Neumann microphone. The microphone is connected to a Motu sound card. The registration is monitored with AKG K141 Mk II headphones
and Genelec monitor.



In this section you can listen to recordings made in my home studio


Spot Tv - Soft

best radio

Corporate Video - Institutional

ing direct

Spot Radio - Institutional

poste italiane

Spot Radio - Sparkling

nivea visage

Spot Tv - Hot


Spot Tv - Deep


Spot Tv - Depp 2


Spot Radio - Cheerful


Spot Radio - Dynamic

office 365

Spot Radio - Decided


Spot Radio - Serious


Spot Radio - Serious

classic voice

Spot Radio - Institutional

Spot Radio - Dynamic

Spot Radio - Dynamic


Spot Radio- Istituzionale

il gigante

Spot Radio - Fast


Spot Radio - Soft

bosh car service

Spot Radio - Dynamic


Billboard Radio - Dynamic


Jingle Radio - Cheerful


Spot Tv - Hot


Spot Tv - Soft


Voice Over - Institutional


Spot Radio - Institutional


Spot Radio - Soft

rai sat

Promo - Deep


Spot Radio - Decided

enel energia

Spot Radio - Institutional


Billboard Radio - Dynamic


Spot Radio - Institutional

ok salute

Spot Radio - Dynamic

festival economia

Billboard Radio - Dynamic

Jingle Radio - Character

cassa colf

Spot Radio - Institutional


Spot Radio - Serius


Spot Radio - Dynamic

Pirati - Caracter


Spot Radio - Caracter


Spot Radio - Institutional

fabio farinelli, speaker, voice talent


I was born artistically in 1977 as a radio deejay in a radio station in Milan where I began to cultivate the great passion for radio. Then Radio Atlantic Bareggio and Top Italy Radio Busto Arsizio. In 1978 the first "10-17" radio contest of RMC with Luisella Berrino, to which I ranked second. From 1981 to 1987, from 6 to 9 and from 18 to 21, I transmitted to Segnale Italia Milano. But the first real radio contract came in 1988 with Reteotto Network of Varese, I was called to lead the band 11-15. In 1989 I work with Radio Superantenna Monza where I broadcast in the 7-10 band. Deejay on the radio but also in several Italian clubs. How can we forget the two years spent around the Triveneto as a DJ in the Diesel parties and the fashion shows of Milano Moda in 2000/2001. In 1990 he called me the publisher of Gamma Radio Network and I was able to expand my radio experience. I worked for Gamma Radio until 2005 and in these 15 years I have been involved, as well as conducting, also the planning, coordination and management of the publishing project. From 1985 to 1988 I attended the courses of diction, acting, dubbing and mime of the CTA, Centro Teatro Attivo of Milan. For ten years I was a member of the Adap, Association of Advertising Actors. The association that advertises, protects and regulates the work of the best Italian speakers. In 2005 I leave the profession of deejay to concentrate more in that of speaker and advertising actor. Since then soon the voice for documentaries, network promos, radio and telecommunications on national radios and televisions. I also gave the voice to David Copperfield on Italia Uno in the Magico David program with Moana Pozzi. Occasional voice over for Camera Cafè on Italia Uno, Target on Canale 5 and for satellite channels Rai Sat Cinema World, Sea Tv, Sat 2000, Sailing Channel and Yacht & Sail. In 1986, together with other colleagues, I presented the "Discoinverno". Rai Tre television program. In the period 2005-2009 I was one of the voices of the RCS Broadcast group. Since 2008 I am registered as a journalist for the journalists of Lombardy, I have collaborated as a speaker with Play Radio (RCS), Radio24 and Radio Kiss Kiss.


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